Lihim Resorts, El Nido

Very Private El Nido Resort by ANCX

April 16, 2023

This very private luxury resort sits in the middle of an El Nido forest

Privacy could be the most alluring feature of El Nido’s latest high end accommodations. Called Lihim Resorts, it is a luxury destination tucked in a cove and lovingly hidden by trees in the midst of a forest—you know, like a secret—and yet each villa reveals to guests a spectacular view of the world-famous island.

“We wanted something very Filipino-sounding, easy to pronounce, and catchy,” the company’s COO Raffy Ladao tells Raul Manzano in the latest episode of EIC on the Move, explaining the resort’s name of choice. What’s no secret about Lihim is that while it boasts fantastic scenery, beautifully designed villas, and an all-around “polished rustic” aesthetic, another feature the resort is most proud of is its service.

Very Private El Nido Resort by ANCX
Very Private El Nido Resort by ANCX

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